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ТЕМА: How Has The Ragdoll Cat Breed Survived Generation After Generation Of Inbreeding?

How Has The Ragdoll Cat Breed Survived Generation After Generation Of Inbreeding? 09 апр 2018 09:53 #4566

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Hi everyone,

I own two Ragdoll cats - a boy and a girl. One five the other two. Both are dressed obviously as I'm not a breeder.
However I am fascinated by the ancestry and pedigree of this fascinating breed. In particular the amount of endless inbreeding that has occurred since the inception of the breed in the 1960s by Ann Baker.
All Ragdolls originated from Ms Baker's cat Josephine. Josephine was bred back to her son Daddy Warbucks. Daddy Warbucks was bred to one of his daughters with Josephine (who would have been his daughter and half-sister respectively). All the matings that occurred thereafter were between closely-related Ragdolls.
Apparently Ms Baker sold breeding pairs who were always brother and sister. The strict terms of her contract meant the sister could only be breed to her brother. Then he would be breed to their daughters, granddaughters etc.

While I understand when establishing a new breed a certain amount of inbreeding must take place. I am curious as to how the bred has survived after so many generations blatant incest.
I know the Ragdoll has a shorter lifespan than other breeds but is so stunning - exquisite and good-tempered. Not the image one gets when they think of an inbred animal - we imagine deformities and mental impairment.
Was Ms Baker excessive in her strategy for developing the breed? If she hadn't would this breed have been developed.

Any suggestions?

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